South Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove

Address: South Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove

Type: Residential

Date: 2020

Description: “Open Space Home in the Heart of Coconut Grove. New Custom Wine Cellar as well as a Huge Built-In Bar for Entertainment and Hosting. Ample Outdoor Areas with a Beautiful Pool Area, Barbecue, and Dining Area.

This interior design project encompasses an open space home situated in the heart of Coconut Grove. The design includes a new custom wine cellar, as well as a spacious built-in bar for entertainment and hospitality.

The home also features ample outdoor areas, including a beautiful pool area, barbecue, and outdoor dining area. These outdoor spaces are designed to provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the subtropical climate of Coconut Grove and for entertaining family and friends.

With a fusion of contemporary style and modern amenities, this project offers an oasis of elegance and comfort in the heart of one of Coconut Grove’s most desirable areas.”